Managed Services

We help manage and support your complex application and infrastructure environment, while balancing both your IT and business needs. We provide ongoing support and maintenance while you can focus on strategic areas like growth and innovation.

Salesforce Managed Services

  • We work with your IT department and end users to ensure that both their requirements are met and addressed
  • We ensure that all your customizations and third-party applications work efficiently to ensure a seamless Salesforce experience
  • We manage your Salesforce integrations, which includes communicating and working with vendors who support your integrations
  • We handle everything including: Maintenance, Enhancements, Customizations, Release Management, Security, Compliance, and Continuous Improvement

IT Managed Services

  • We follow best practices to configure your applications and infrastructure and manage everything - including user access, billing and payments, and monthly reports on resource utilization
  • We offer flexible resourcing and delivery models that suit your business needs and budgets
  • From updates to patches to backups, we follow a comprehensive maintenance schedule
  • We provide 24x7 monitoring, maintenance and management, so you can stay focused on your business
  • We continuously optimize your IT environment to achieve desired business outcomes, and streamline your infrastructure