AWS Consulting​

AWS delivers an integrated suite of services for all your big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning needs. Leveraging AWS, we can help you store, process, and analyze your data, and add AI/ML capabilities to your business applications. Our AI & ML consultants can help you:

Collect and prepare training data using data labeling and pre-built notebooks

Choose from a variety of ready-to-use ML algorithms and optimize it

Set up and manage environments for training

Train, tune and deploy the model

Scale and manage the production environment

Add ready-made intelligence to your applications and workflows

Deploy the same deep learning technology that powers

-Microservice Architecture Backend in AWS:

          – AWS Step Functions, Lambda, Simple Notification Service (SNS)

-Monolithic Architecture Backend in AWS:

          – EC2, EC2 Autoscaling & EC2 Load Balancer

          – Elastic Container Services and Register, Elastic Kubernetes Services

-AWS DynamoDB & RDS

-AWS CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeLine, CDK & CloudFormation

-AWS CloudFront

-Amazon Kinesis, Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka & Elasticsearch

-AWS API Gateway

-AWS Elastic Beanstalk

-Amazon Cognito/Certificate Manager

-Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

-Amazon CloudTrail

– Same Backend as Web App Development Backend

-Extra Services from AWS:

      – AWS Device Farm

      – Mobile Hub

      – Pinpoint

      – Cognito

      – Amplify

      – AppSync

-AWS CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeLine

-IaC with AWS CloudFormation, CDK & Hashicorp Terraform

-Elastic Beanstalk


-Secrets Manager

-Route 53

-S3 Glacier & Snowball


-AWS Device Farm

-AWS CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeLine & CDK

-AWS CloudFormation

-EC2, EC2 Autoscaling & EC2 Load Balancer

-Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

-Relational Database Service RDS

-Simple Email Service SES

-Sage Maker










-Freud Detector




-Salesforce (and other CRMs) Integration